The start of my exploration was at narrow gauge milepost 0 at the town of Redstone. This is where the NG met the SG and the coal was delivered for the coke ovens. The overlay below provides the layout of the rail at this location. The red labels provide the locations of the photos to follow.

USGS historic photo of the coke ovens

Photo 1 - Taken at the highway pullout that is set up to view the remaining coke ovens. A sign here provides some of the history of the coke ovens. The ovens in the near view have lost their block face and reveal the construction details. Farther down the block faces are still intact.

Photo 2 - A view of where the northern part of the NG loop would have crossed over the SG and dual gage tracks.  This view was taken just off the highway on the Coal Basin road.

Photo 3 - This is about where the ends of the loop merged and the line starts heading up towards coal basin. The grade is up above the grassy area in the center of the shot. Some concrete footings remain at the bottom of the grassy area. This was fenced so I didn't try to get up on the grade. The first 2 miles of the grade are mostly on private land.

Photo 4 This shot is looking to the south and is where the former grade crosses the present day Coal Basin road.

Photo 5 - The view on the other side of the road looking towards the northwest. I haven't decided whether the grade was on the dirt road or along the fence line. The overlay isn't quite lined up at this point on my map above. Again, this is private land so I didn't have an opportunity to explore any further.

Photo 6 - This shot back tracks a little bit and was taken on the second day of my exploration of the line. This is a view of the eastern portion of the elevated NG loop.