Photo 1 - The grade looped up away from the road at this location to gain additional elevation. No real signs of any ties here as the area has been disturbed quite a bit. It is here that we see the forest service kiosk and get away from the private land. This view is looking downgrade to the southeast.

Photo 2 - This is the west end of the loop at milepost 3. The road is just beyond the trees and bridge A3 would have started just beyond this point.

Photo 3 - The level spot at the  tree line appears to be the approach to bridge B3. I couldn't see an easy way to get over there to investigate. The grade below this point seems to be washed away as you can see from the heavy errosion of the hill side.

Photo 4 - This would have been the view dowgrade across bridge B3. I couldn't find any real signs of any abutments for this bridge. The side below seems to have some modern rip-rap as I found lots of concrete chunks and pieces of metal lockers and etc.