Photo 1 - Is any of this part of the original railroad bridge or is it something that was added later by the mining company for the heavy trucks? It doesn't look like a typical RR bridge and the valuation maps seem to indicate a curved bridge at this location. I suspect it is not RR related but the location is about right for bridge C3.

Photo 2 - This is a view across the bridge looking towards the side canyon that the RR used to gain additional elevation. A couple of loops and three bridges were used up this canyon. The Crystal River Pictorial  has a photo on page 78 that looks suspiciously like this area. If I am correct the photo in the book is mislabeled. It should be bridge C3 not B3. The photo in the book does not look anything like what I saw at the site of bridge B3.

Photo 3 - I found these timbers quite a ways up the side canyon and very near where I had created a waypoint for bridge C4 before the trip. I didn't really find a grade to hike into them but the timbers are about where the bridge would have been. The bank on the west side of the creek (which I had hiked) was heavily eroded.

Photo 3a - This shot provides some detail of the wood and metal spacers between the beams.

Photo 4 - This mound looked suspiciously like an old grade and is in about the right location to be one of the approaches to bridge B4. I didn't notice any ties or bridge timbers at this location. It is pretty overgrown back in this side canyon.

Photo 5 - This looked like it might be part of the loop between bridges B4 and C4. I did find one tie back in this area.