Magma Arizona Railroad

The grade continues to meander up above the road for a stretch before the two join up again. It is here where I see my first indication of a separate second grade. In this shot we are looking through a washout in an earlier grade with the modern grade beyond. I have confirmed from the maps that the narrow gauge grade was indeed very close to the SG grade along here and this would have been the alignment.

This looks like it could be from an earlier NG alignment.

The mound is a little less distinctive further to the northeast.

A little further down the grade and we hit the site known as Queens Station. Up at the grade it is just a wide spot in the road. The building foundations are all down lower on the other side of the road behind a locked and posted gate. This view is looking back to the southwest.

The companion view at Queens Station looking to the northeast.

Up at the embankment above the grade is this concrete block with the year 1955 and a horseshoe embedded in it along with a long concrete retaining wall.

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