Magma Arizona Railroad

The Narrow Gauge Route

This next segment picks up just east of the Hewitt Station site. Rather than scramble around in the thick brush around the cattle pen we went down to the turnoff to Rogers Trough trail head. This photo is at about milepost 19.4 just east of the side road.

It doesn't look like the path will be easy for very long.

After using the road to detour around some thick brush, we drop back down onto the grade at about milepost 19.5. Remnants of a campfire sit in the middle of the grade.

Then it is back into some of that nasty brush with lots of thorns to grab into your clothes.

Ah, another wide spot in the grade to recover from the bush whacking but it looks like it closes down quick.

After taking a small detour via the dry bed of Queen Creek we pop back onto an open spot on the grade. Queen Creek is to the left and the main road is out of view on the right.

Part of an old insulator was found along the grade in this section. I think this is the only one that has been spotted so far. We are probably up around milepost 19.6 at this point. It looks like it might get pretty rough from this point so we are heading back up to the road to grab a snack, cool off in the truck and look for the next location to drop down below the road.

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