Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway

1892 Route

July 15th 2012 turned out to be a cooler than normal day in Arizona after a monsoon storm rolled through on Saturday. So I decided to head up north of Prescott for a little bit of exploration. The temperature was only supposed to hit 82 and only a 40% chance. of rain. On the drive up we hit rain from Black Canyon City up to about Sunset Point. That didn't seem too promising but we forged on to see what it was like a little further north. Up beyond Prescott the clouds thinned and we could see some blue sky so we pressed on. The following documents our trek and we were fotunate enough not to encounter any rain out on the back roads..

This shot would have been at about milepost 24.9 where the grade and the forest road are one and the same. The view is to the northwest as the grade heads up towards Limestone Canyon. This location was known as Cedar Glade and was about 25 miles from the starting point further north at Ash Fork along the A&P mainline.

A little further north and we encounter a fairly deep dip that was most likely crossed by one of the many trestles along this line.

Some evidence of the old grade.

The grade is fairly straight for the first mile or so with a turn to the west coming up.

Up beyond the bend to the west the grade then starts to bend back towards the north.

A little further and the grade bends to the west through a small cut. The grade will be leaving the road soon.

This is the point where the road drops down off of the grade to head a little further east. The grade continues off to the left of the road through the trees.

As the road drops down off of the grade you can look to the left and straight through an old wooden drainage box with the grade visible above.

The grade isn't too bad to walk along here but has been overgrown by the occasional pinion pine.

In spots the grade is pretty rounded over from the erosion and subject to the invasion of pinion and juniper.

In the cuts it can get a little more difficult to navigate through the overgrowth. The occasional prickly pear can be found at this elevation.

I wonder what is living in the side wall of the cut!

A ways beyond the cut we hit the first big trestle site.

Timbers can still be found in the banks on either side.

A view to the opposite approach with a couple of different bent levels visible.

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