Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway

1892 Route

This sections starts up on the north side of the trestle site looking back to where the last segment left off. The southern embankment can just be seen between the two trees. The forest road merges with the grade for a while along this stretch.

Looking ahead we have a straight segment where the forest road occupies the former grade.

A little bit of rock removal was need along here with the debris pushed over the side of the grade. The grade will make a slight bend to the west to pass through the red soil area at the center of the shot.

The bend to the west across a fill with a side road heading off to the right. I'm guessing that the fill is modern and was put in place to form the stock tank off to the right. Back in the RR days there was probably a trestle located at this site which would have been about 370 feet in length.

Just beyond the road fill, the grade occupies the opposite side of the canyon. The side of the road is still wet from the storm that passed through yesterday.

Just a little bit of mud left.

There must have been a fairly long low trestle across this stream bed. I would estimate a trestle that was about 300 feet in length.

The forest road drops down of the grade along this section to bypass the site of another trestle.  This trestle was probably in the range of 230 - 250 feet in length.

A view up the southern end of the trestle site.

Some of the stonework for the various levels can be seen in this shot of the north end.

This is a view back to the south as the road climbs back up to the grade beyond the trestle site with the grade level visible on the left.

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