About milepost 13.5 we encounter a fork in the road. The branch off to the left is the original route of the line across one of the many tinber trestles. In later years the line branched off to the right and crossed a large fill.

This is the site of what was once bridge 7. The stone approach across the gorge is still very easy to spot today.  This was my attempt at another now and then shot but I can't find a then shot that I can post. Trains were photographed from a few different vantage points on this trestle.

With the fill we have another of the stone boxes which I have called box 5. This one is described as 5' x 10' x 118' on the valuation map.

I planned to walk through this one but to my surprise I found that it had been walled off at some point. Further investigation revealed that this was done to create a stock pond on the other side of the grade.