Keep an eye on the north side of the road and you might spot a pipe sticking out of the ground at about milepost 6.8. This USGS benchmark puts the elevation at 4874'. It also looks as though telegraph poles may have been on the north side of the grade. Every so often you will see short square posts sticking out of the ground that are evenly spaced.

This shot is looking to the northwest along this long tangent section. The grade was fairly straight between milposts 2 and 9 with a slight bend at milepost 3. The modern road makes a short detour from the grade at milepost 4 but then joins back up at milepost 5.3. At MP 5 the railroad had a siding known as Clune. That location appears to be on private land and is bypassed by the road so I didn't try to explore the site.

Turn 180 degrees and we see the long tangent towards the mountains. At milepost 9 a bend to the east will take us into the mountains.