After exploring the town site I decided to climb up on the tailings from the mine. This shot is looking to the south and you can make out one of the buttes in the distance. The blacksmith shop is hidden by the trees near the center of the shot. Further out would have been some of the one room cabins and the school house.

This shot is looking off to the west. The clearing on the right side of the shot is where the Thompson house would have been. You can also make out the grade at the far side of the clearing and the water being held by the grade and the berm. My rental car is parked down the hill about 1/2 mile from this clearing, The downhill grade is just beyond the hill on the left side of the shot. The washed out grade was below the clearing in the foreground.

Another shot looking to the south from a slightly different angle. In this view you can make out the diagonal grade, right of center, that is heading towards the club house and office building. Further down the grade would have been more worker housing.