These two photo were taken during September of 1999 by Towne Comee.  The story below provides the details about the shots.

It was a very cool - chilly - day.  September of 1999.  We had ridden the last weekend of the season on the Georgetown Loop and had even had a couple of FREE rides since there weren't many passengers.  We drove up to Silver Plume a couple of days later to scout around.  The trains weren't running anymore so we asked in the new engine house if we could hike back down the track and look at #9.  The guys said yes but to watch out for speeders that may be running up and down.

We hiked down and just as we got to where #9 was on the siding - stored - it began to drizzle and cold rain.  I took only two shots of #9 and ran out of film and decided not to change film in the rain...we hiked on back.  Coming back and looking down the valley towards Georgetown we saw a beautiful rainbow.  Managed to reload the camera and got one picture of it as it faded out.