This information was provided by Hayden268 on the Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum.

Not all storage sheds are created equal. Back in the 70s my Grandfather Jim Coleman was hired to help dismantle the line from Durango to Chama. as part of the contract, he was responsible for hauling off the rails, but also disposing of the excess cars as the main contractor was only concerned about steel. many of the cars were burned to get to the metal parts, trucks were sold off, but many were saved by him and sold to ranchers, museums, and amusement parks (my father hauled truckloads of trucks and bodies to Cedar Point and Dollywood). A prime example is the recently refurbished crew car in Cimmeron that my father used as a residence while working in Durango; or the many of the cars in the Gunnison Pioneer Museum to include the flanger, boxcar, and weed burner. The best boxcar out of all the ones slated for disposition in Durango he kept for himself, 3101. This beauty has called his backyard here in Gunnison home ever since. Growing up, every summer, all the grandkids would gather and paint the boxcar and i'm proud to say that once this pandemic is over, this tradition will continue with the newest generation even after his passing this past February. I thought i would share a little of the story of 3101 and some pictures of her today.

All photos by Hayden268.