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Car # City State Information Paint Last Visit Source Photo link
49/0548 Golden CO 4 wheel bobber, Denver & Rio Grande       Photo
0306 Chama NM Former boxcar 3060, Rio Grande       Photo
0313 Aztec NM Former box 3031,     Steve Peck Photo
0500 Durango CO Short, Durango & Silverton       Photo
0501 Durango CO Short, Jackson place off 8th ave OK 5/2000   Photo
0503 Chama NM Long, Cumbres & Toltec Good 5/2000   Photo
0504 ? ME? Short        
0505 Durango CO Long, Rio Grande       Photo
0516 Durango CO Short, sold to Silverton Northern #17, was on display in Silverton,  currently in Durango to be restored       Photo
0517 Fairplay CO Long, No lettering       Photo
0518 Monte Vista
CO Short, Durango Historical Foundation, this caboose has been moved from the classic car museum in Durango to the DRGHF storage yard at Monte Vista. Odd  6/2005    Photo
0524 Golden CO Short, Denver & Rio Grande Western       Photo
0526 Flint MI Short        
0540 Durango CO Long, Durango & Silverton       Photo
0573 Ogden UT Short, Poor condition, destroyed by fire on March 11, 2006, metal parts scooped into a pile       Stephen Smith  Photo
0574 Paonia CO Long, needs paint, was at the loop until close of 2004 season, later at CRRM sporting new paint. Was purchased to add to the collection of the old west town at Bear Ranch. Good
6/2005 Josh Levine
Jerry Huck
0575 Ridgway
CO Short, Rio Grande, this caboose used to be at the park in Ouray but is now at the Ridgway Railroad Museum where it will receive a new roof, siding and end sills.      Bill Pratt Photo
0576 Salida CO Short, on tender trucks, Salida Museum       Photo
0577 Cimarron CO Short, Denver & Rio Grande Western       Photo
0578 Golden CO Short, Rio Grande       Photo
0579 Antonito CO Short, restored    2005
0580 Del Norte CO Short       Photo
0584 Royal Gorge CO Long, Rio Grande       Photo
0585 Golden
CO Long, Rio Grande, this caboose is now at CRRM but used to be in Fairplay, CO at South Park City.     Jeff Osborne Photo
0586 Silver Plume CO Long, Rio Grande Ok 7/2000   Photo
0588 Lake City CO Long, Rio Grande       Photo
0589 Gunnison CO Long       Photo
04343 ? ? Long, Ex box 4343, Anschutz ranch        
04990 Boulder CO Long, Denver & Rio Grande Western, Ex box 4990       Photo
05635 Chama NM Former stock car 5635, no lettering Good 5/2000   Photo

Car # City State Information Paint Last
Photo link
0400 Golden CO Short, Geogetown Loop sunset logo, Rebuilt during winter of 2001-2002 and now sport simple block lettering. Was at Silver Plume and then moved to CRRM at the close of 2004 season. Good 6/2005
0402 Buena Park CA Short, Rio Grande Southern     Photo
0404 Golden CO Long, Rio Grande Southern     Photo
0409/0510 Tokyo, 
Disneyland ?
  Rio Grande Southern, former Rio Grande 0510     Photo

All photos by Dave Dye unless otherwise noted.