859 looks sharp after its multi-year rebuild job. Photo by Dave Dye on July 5, 2015.

DBG 859 is really starting to take shape with the sides being added during a 2006 work session. Glad you guys have a nice new facility to work in. Photo by Bill Pratt, June 2006.

Work on 859 is progressing nicely with the new drop down doors being applied and work starting on the sides. Photo by Bill Pratt June 2005.

Bill Pratt provided this shot of 859 from August 2002. The car has been stripped down and is to be rebuilt over the next few summer work sessions.

Here is a shot of Bill's crew in action during an August 2004 work session. That looks like an awfully long cheater bar on that wrench! Reminds me of days spent under my 62 Chevy P/U.  Photo courtesy of Bill Pratt.

Gon 859 was spotted next to the sand bin when photographed on October 15, 1988. Photo by Dave Dye.