A shot of 04280 by Randy probably about 2004. This car was apparently listed as 04163 in some of the D&S paperwork but doesn't seem to match the 1941 shot of 04163 in NG Pictorial IX. The Work/Box Outfit Cars book by Swanson & Horner suggests that 04280 and 04466 switched numbers in the mid 50's. There are a few photographs in the NG pictorial that seem to support this. A 1939 photo of 04466 on page 126 shows identical smoke jack, window and door configuration. So if that is the case, this modern 04280 is actually an earlier version of 04466. To add more to the confusion, it could actually be 4516 which was the second 0446 as the story goes. See the complimentary car here 04466.

Stephen Peck provided this view of 04280 taken during 2004.

This shot of the same car was taken by Dick Bell during Nov. of 1976. He noted that the end number was 04466 and the side number looked like 04266. The ironic part was there was the other 04466 parked right next to it.