Randy took this shot of 04466 on October 29, 2008. According to the Work/Box Outfit Cars book by Swanson & Horner, there have been three different cars known as 04466. This particular photo is of the last car known as 04466. The story goes that the 04280 and the 04466 swapped numbers in the mid 50s. The photographic evidence seems to support the story. So that would suggest that this car is really the 04280 and it does bear a strong resemblance to the 1949 shot of 04280 in NG Pictorial Vol. X. See the complimentary car here 04280.

This interior shot from August 25, 2008 provides a look at the food preparation end of the car.

This must have been the dining end of the car.

Dick Bell took this shot in Silverton during November of 1976. The car in the middle is the last 04466 with the car to its left being the second 04466 and the end number at this time still had 04466 on it. The side number is either 04280 or 04266.