Grant Houston took this shot of what looked to him like 04xx5 during May of 2006. I have been comparing this shot with photos in the pictorial to try and find a match. The car that looks the closest to this configuration in my opinion is sleeper 04997. The window framing, size and location seems to be a match. All of the openings have a similar metal flashing over them. This shot shows a horizontal scar just above the object (pipe/drive shaft)  leaning between the left window and the door. The shot of 04997 in the pictorial shows a faint scar just to the right of the 7. Also note the notched fascia board on the end of the car as compared to the shot of 04997. Grant also suggested that the number after the 4 could have been a 9. This car also showed indications of being painted gray. One thing that doesn't match is that Grant thought that the car had too many cabinets to be a sleeper.