Weed Burner WB-3

This information was provided by Hayden268 on the Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum.

WB-3 is the only mobile weed burner that I know about the Rio Grande owning. It is currently on long term loan to the Gunnison Pioneer Museum by my family. The history goes back like many of the cars at the museum, it was saved by my Grandfather (Jim Coleman) and was brought to the family ranch in Westcliff sometime in the 70s. It sat there till some time in the late 80s when it was moved to his home in Gunnison where it sat till the late 90s (interestingly, it was used as a playset by me and my cousins growing up). When it was loaned to the Gunnison Pioneer Museum my Dad and Uncle had to go back to Westcliff and spent hours searching for the Flame Tubes that were left there in a field since when it was brought there in the 70s. It would have been surly interesting to see it in operation, just imagine the fire fighting nightmare it was!

I'm working on trying to research more about the service of WB-3, and hope to one day write an article for the Prospector about it. Most Rio Grande fans I've talked to had never heard of it, or didn't know it still existed. 

All photos by Hayden268.

The weed burner at Jim Coleman's home prior to being moved to the museum.

The weed burner WB-3 after being moved to the display track at the Gunnison Pioneer Museum.