This is a view of the coal hopper where the coal would be dumped from drop bottom gondolas. Looks like there are a couple of missing grates from between the rails! The rails themselves are supported on two large I beams that run across the hopper. The tower is to the right in this shot. A gondola can be seen spotted beyond the hopper. Photo by Dave Dye on May 28, 1989.

This shot taken from the southwest corner of the hopper provides a good view of the rails and I beams. The coal grates rest on the lower lip of the I beams and the I beams are held in gauge by large metal rods. Photo by Dave Dye on August 13, 1994.

Not a great shot but you can see some of the back wall of the hopper. The tower would be to the right of the shot. The top of sand house is visible beyond the gondola. Photo by Dave Dye on May 28, 1989.