This shot was taken just east of Osier on the 5th of October. I hiked past the balloon loop and then around the next bend. Note that the tender has no lettering on this day. Photo by Dave Dye.

487 takes a rest at Osier before heading on to Cumbres. Photo by Dave Dye

On the 7th 487 was caught in the narrows with lettering on her tender. Photo by Dave Dye.

Another shot from the same location in the narrows. Photo by Dave Dye.

This shot is as the train approaches the bridge at Lobato. I am so use to the uncoupling of the engines at this point so it was kind of strange to see the train just forging onward. Shot by Dave Dye.

487 proceeds across the bridge at Laboto on this fine day in October. Photo by Dave Dye.

The march up the hill continues on as 487 heads towards Cresco. Photo by Dave Dye.

Always an impressive site as the train emerges from the trees at Coxo working hard up the hill. I wish I could post the video as the sounds are incredible at this point. Engine working really hard and multiple blasts of the whistle for the grade crossing. Photo by Dave Dye.

Not a train shot but the mix of colors was incredible. This is another shot from the narrows.

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