Railfest 2004

It's 8:00 AM on Friday the 20th and the Eureka is being prepared for the trip up to Cascade.

At 10:04 the tender has been restocked with wood at Rockwood and we wait on the wye for the double header and goose to pass.

At 10:17 the double header pulls into Rockwood with the pops blowing on 480.

At 10:46 goose #5 pulls out of Rockwood and four short blasts of Eureka's whistle signal us to pile back on.

11:02 and we slowly make our way along the high line.

The time is 11:19 and we have our first run-by with the Eureka on the high bridge.

We later stopped at Teft to do a run-by on the trestle before stopping for lunch at Cascade. I must not have taken a digital shot here maybe I'll fill in with a still from film once it comes back from processing.

The tail of the wye at Cascade. Hope no one runs off the end into that tree! I noticed that the derail wasn't in place. The time is 12:55 and it is about time to head back to Durango.

We're headed back down the canyon at 1:46 and we take another opportunity for a run-by. This time we are at a big sweeping curve along the Animas.

It's now 2:26 and we stop at the high bridge again and try a shot from the other side. The lighting has deteriorated since we last came by.

The crew twists our arms and make us hop out for one last photo op. The time is 2:53 and we are back on the high line.

Eureka is back at it's temporary home in Durango. The time is 5:15 and she is ready to head into the barn for the evening. Thanks to all for a great day out on the line!

It's 6:22 and 482 comes steaming back into town.

On Saturday I decided to hike down the grade out of Silverton to photograph the trains coming into town. It was a cool and wet affair as we sat out at least four different down pours while waiting. I had to give up on the Eureka as it was about time to head out on the goose excursion. I was able to capture three inbounds and one outbound before heading out.

It's 4:14 and our first planned run-by of the goose is to take place as we pass the Eureka. We join all of the other photographers from the Eureka as she performs her duties. Unfortunately it is now pouring down and we decide not to shoot the goose at this location. Wouldn't you know it, once we all pile back in it stops raining!

The goose has been turned on the wye at Elk Park and we are headed back to Silverton. The time is 4:54 and we have found a dry spot to take a few shots.

It's 5:09 and we have found another spot to stage a run-by with #5. One last stop will take place at the trestle just south of town but I decided to shoot video so no digital shot to share. Another fun day out on the line comes to an end. Time to head back home to the 100+ degrees in Phoenix.