Railfest 08

The presidential special with 473 pulls into town and gets into position for the meet.

This photo opportunity took forever to set up. The number of people wandering around at the depot was making it impossible to get a shot without anyone but the crew in it. Finally the 481 and the 473 were nudged closer together to tighten the gap and the remaining wanderers were corralled. I'm glad that they pulled them in tighter because even at 17 mm on the lens I wasn't able to get all three in the shot with the original positions. If I backed up I would have lost my spot at the photo line rope.

We are back aboard the train and sitting on the wye as the first train heads out of town. We are all hoping for some photo stops on the trip back.

Our first stop took place just south of Silverton as the 315 heads across the bridge. I cheated on this one as the 315 is backing up in this shot. Not much smoke in the forward direction.

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