Magma Arizona Railroad

My next stop was right next to a cattle guard which appeared to be made out of old rail. Upon further investigation that was the case.

There seems to be an assortment of rail in this one. The date on the second to last stick looks like 1880.

Up above the road along the grade we start to encounter the surface pipeline that shares the grade. This provides an odd experience of the sound of trickling water which would be unusual for this environment given the current weather. It is almost as if there is a stream running right next to the grade. This view is looking back towards the Southwest. The narrow gauge alignment coincides with the auto road along this stretch.

Looking towards the Northeast we find a cattle guard on the grade which is fenced. The metal pipeline is more visible in this view. Concrete barriers are used to keep the plastic pipe from moving around too much. The rail is popping along here as the sun heats it up. The temp is around 98 degrees now.

I found an interesting bolt comparison on the ground here.

Twin buttes along the north side of the track provide some variety along this stretch of the grade. This view is back towards the southwest.

A complimentary view towards the northeast. The runoff is slowly covering the grade with sand up ahead.

My next stop was at the second crossing along the Hewitt Station Road. This view is looking back to the southwest.

A view to the northeast at the road crossing with a flood control dam beyond the grade. To the left on top of the dam is a popular target practice area. The narrow gauge would have coincided with the road along here and continued on due north rather than following this sweeping curve to the east. The standard gauge included a spur at this location at one time to the left of the main which was used for ballast loading.

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