Magma Arizona Railroad

The Narrow Gauge Route

From the map I wasn't sure if there would be any NG grade to be found beyond the intersection with the road. I decided to check the bank on the right side of the road just beyond the curve. Sure enough there seemed to be another mound.

A little further down and the grade becomes much more pronounced. I also found more wire from the telegraph line and it seemed to be a two wire line. In this shot we are looking across a small washout that probably was a wooden box.

As seen in this shot, the grade is just to the right of the road. The SG is to the left of road and not visible in this view. The ocotillo on the right side of the shot seems to be doing well compared to some of the other foliage.

The prickly pear are taking over along this stretch.

This is one tough grade to hike with all of the thorny items not too mention keeping an eye out for things that slither.

Just beyond the next washout I found some rock work along the south side of the grade. Incidentally I encountered a slithering object down in the gully but it quickly disappeared into the brush.

As we approach the cattle guard signs of the grade seem to disappear.

A little further down I can make out horizontal stripes on the ground were the ties once laid.

Beyond the cattle guard the grade is hardly visible and returning back to the desert.

As we head towards another gully the mound rises up again providing a prominent grade.

A view from down in the gully looking back over the grade that we have just traveled. No signs of any timbers for a bridge or wood box.

I haven't decided whether the grade was down in the depression or not along here as we approach another cattle guard. This is my last shot for this segment as it gets sketchy beyond the cattle guard. It may be that the grade and the road are one and the same beyond this point.

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