Magma Arizona Railroad

The Narrow Gauge Route

This next segment gets interesting because the grade moves away from the main road and also diverges quite a bit from the SG route. Here we are looking towards the southwest at the intersection of Hewitt Station Road and a small side road which also happens to be the NG grade.  In the distance you can see a dam that has covered a portion of the NG grade.  I'm not sure if the grade coincides with the main road or is just beyond it. That will be left for further inspection on another day. For now we are resuming the trek at about milepost 17.75 as the grade makes a sharp bend to the east on this side road.

It gets pretty trashy in here as it is a popular overflow target practice area that people use if the spot up at the end of the dam is occupied. In this view we are looking to the east but the grade will soon make a sharp turn to the north.


Beyond the sharp curve to the north, there is a more gradual curve that bends slightly to the west.

Now it is about time to ditch the tire tracks and head off into the brush again.

Another big gully with a very overgrown grade visible on the far side.

After scrambling back up and fighting the brush there is a bit of a path to be found.

After crossing another small side road the grade drops down into a bit of a depression.

Another small washout that was most likely the site of a wooden box.

Along here the grade is on a slight ledge and pretty well defined.

Another washout as we head back out on a mound.

Well look at this, some signs of the wooden box that provided drainage at this location. Just shy of 100 years old.

Heading back down into another depression. Check out the nice assortment of saguaro on the hill side.

This looks like fun, more brush to scramble through along with a deep washout.

Well at least it opened back up again.

Another ledge coming up with a nice wide grade.

Another one of those nice green ocotillos with a good view of the rugged hills off in the distance.

It looks like another washout is coming up and the main road is sneaking up on the left side.

If you can overlook the high voltage lines, there is a nice view of Weavers Needle from this section of the grade.

Heading back down into a depression and the grade will be intersecting Hewitt Station road just beyond the trees. That will conclude this segment and we will pick up on the other side of the road in the next segment.

This view is looking back down the grade that we just traveled at the intersection with the road.

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