RGS Lizard Head Pass to Trout Lake Map

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This map provides a view of the RGS grade from Lizard Head Pass and on past Trout Lake. During June of 2005 I stopped on the pass to look for the remains of the wye. After exploring a little and a brief snowball fight with the girls we proceeded to drive the grade. To the east of the cut is were you can start driving the grade. From there one can drive all the way around Trout Lake and beyond until coming back out on to the highway near Matterhorn. Bridge 51A is currently being stabilized with lots of work being done on the footings. The road arcs just south of 51A providing a nice view of the wooden structure. The mountains southeast of the trestle were still covered with snow providing a very scenic backdrop. If you plan to explore this section of the grade, "The RGS Story" Vol. IV is handy to have as a reference. Copyright June 14, 2005 by David Dye.