HOn3 Layout

I have finally gotten around to starting my HOn3 layout.  An earlier attempt at my old house just wasn't the layout that I really wanted.  I didn't have much space and it was going to be difficult to fit in all of the features that I wanted.  During 2002 we moved into a larger house since we had another child on the way and really need more room.  This house has a three car garage with the third bay being set aside for the layout.  I had the builder extended the garage a few more feet so that I would have more room to play with.

The main goal for my new layout is to depict most of the features of the Chama yard with a climb up to Cumbres pass.  I also plan to have most of the structures at Cumbres including the depot prior to it's removal.  Chama will include the five stall version of the roundhouse and the 65' turntable. I know the Ks just barely fit on the table but it is my layout.  Just wish that someone would build a model of the roundhouse to go along with the great new model of the oil storage building. I guess I will end up building my own.  About the time that I do this someone will probably come out with a model.  

The layout will use DCC to simplify the wiring.  All of the engines have already been outfitted with decoders. I decided to use code 70 flex track rather than hand laying it.  The switches are all Shinohara #6s.  All of the switches will be motorized and controlled from a couple of different panels.  The turntable is manually controlled at the moment but I might add a stepper motor later on.

Here is an overall view of the yard at Chama.  This section of the benchwork is 16' 8" in length.  A balloon loop out of the shot in the foreground will connect back up with the main at the far end near the water tank.  Hopefully Crystal River will finish the model of the chama depot soon so it can be placed across from the PBL oil storage building shown here.  The roundhouse will be 5 stalls with the 65' turntable still present.  The track at the far end curves to the right and will start the climb to Cumbres.  The second half of the layout will have most of the features of Cumbres prior to the depot being torn down.


A shot of the future roundhouse site with the 65' turntable installed. The track and plan have been temporarily pinned down to get an idea of how it will all be placed.


A few of the familiar structures at Chama have been set in place.  The coal tipple and sand house are both Campbell products.  I still have more work to do on the sand house to get the tower looking like the Chama version rather than the Durango version.  The tank in the background is a Durango Press model that has the base altered somewhat to make it look more like the Chama tank.  The dual spouts have yet to be installed.  I plan on building a model of the oil dock to put across from the tank.

Another shot of the engine servicing facilities. 480 has just pulled in with a few empties.

A shot of the pit from the north side of the yard.  The balloon loop can just barely be seen at the far edge of the bench.  A K-28 sits ready next to the future site of the roundhouse.