A nice snow shot taken by Rich Muth on Feb 24, 2007. 

This photo of the Cascade Creek trestle was taken on August 2, 1995 on the way to Osier.

The detail shots that follow were all taken on October 6, 2003. All photos by Dave Dye.

This photo shows the deck at the east end of the bridge. The main girders on this bridge are I beams which are approximately 47.25" tall and 10" wide.  The angle iron riveted to the girders is 3.5" with the verticals being about 65" apart (except at the ends). The bridge timbers measure 8 x 15.

This view shows the underside of the deck at the east end. The width is approximately 131" measured between the outside edges at the bottom of the girders. The X braces are 3" angle iron.

Another view of the lower side of the deck. The bracing is spaced so that every other vertical brace is skipped. The vertical braces were about 65" apart so that would put these braces about 130" apart. 

The eastern most bent of the trestle.

This shot is the eastern most bent of the bridge.  The legs are basically C channels that are held together by large plates at the ends and straps in between. The "C" channels shown here are 12" x 2.75". The straps are 2.25" wide and 3/8 thick. The rivet heads measured about 1.5". The wire straps are about 1.25" in diameter.

A slightly different view of the foot.

Here is a shot of the opposite leg.  The plates that sandwich the wire straps measure 5" in width and are 3/4" thick. The head diameter of the pins is 4" with a 2.5" shaft diameter.

Details of the cable anchor.

A view through the bents.

The builders plate on the north side of the bridge.

A view of the northern side.

The southern side of the bridge.

Type of rail on the eastern side of Cascade.

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