Last Update:  July 30, 1998

One of my favorite places to stop in the afternoon is Cumbres.  Early in the season you can usually catch some snow on the ground like in this shot from May 27, 1995.

The Chama depot as it appeared on May 28, 1995

Here is a structure that you don't see photographed too often.  The lava tank pump house has pretty much gone to the birds, be careful as you enter.  There is still some remnants of the mechanical portion of the facility to be found mounted to the floor.  A plaque over the door reads  "ERECDED 1883".  Interesting spelling for erected.  These pictures were taken on September 13, 1997.

Who says there isn't any narrow gauge in Alamosa?  I was surprised to find that the majority of the stalls still had narrow gauge rails leading into them on May 28, 1989.  I have to admit that they are very "short lines".  I didn't have too much time for picture taking as the local law enforcement reminded me that I was trespassing.

How much longer will this old water tank be around?  When I went through on September 3, 1995 it looked like the road was being widened a short distance east of this site.  I hope the new road will not mean it is demolition time for this old site.  I believe that this is the Juanita tank but I could be wrong.  I have been corrected.  David Adams pointed out that this is the Navajo tank and is picture on page 152 of Dormans book on Durango.  I was also informed that the new road has gone through and is to the left of the tank.