Magma Arizona Railroad

North of the flood control dam the road wanders further from the grade. Since the temp is getting rather high now it is time to do a little driving and get over to the Hewitt Station site. This station provided much of the cattle loading from the grazing areas on the Tonto Forest. After passing an old windmill on the left I spy a steep side road off to the right. This brought me right up next to a foundation at the Hewitt Station site. The foundation appears to have a built in watering trough along the front side. The grade is further up on the hillside by the power lines. The narrow gauge grade in this area was further down the hillside and and the other side of the auto road.

To the west of the building foundation is another trough which has seen better times.

The only sign of life around the station today is this guy rustling around at the base of a prickly pear.

After checking out the Hewitt site I decided to hike the side road up to the grade. It was a hot climb as the sun is now beating down pretty good. This view is towards the southwest with a cut off in the distance.

A view of the track down below my perch. Note the expansion joint in the plastic pipe.

A view to the northeast with the rugged mountains off in the distance. Along here the pipelines are no longer paired along one side of the rail.

From a vantage point further down the hill we get a peek in the cut beyond the curve.

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