Magma Arizona Railroad

The Narrow Gauge Route

This next segment picks up on the north side of Hewitt Station Road at about milepost 18.3. This view is from the road looking to the northeast towards the grade.

The grade in here is pretty hard to pick out but sheared of rail bolts can be found.

Eventually a mound begins to rise up off the desert floor to mark the way.

Another washout is encountered as the grade heads towards Hewitt Station. The saguaro has an odd assortment of arms.

The grade starts flattening out again blending in with the surrounding earth.

Heading down into a bit of a depression and the trees are getting thicker.

I'm not sure what the metal pole next t to the grade was used for.

Another washout to traverse once I make my way through the thorny brush.

Once again the grade merges with the road.

A little further down and the grade drops down below the road on the north side.

This section probably presented some challenges at times when Queen Creek was flowing with runoff.

Oh no, more thorny brush invading the grade. I can't imagine trying to clear all of this stuff during construction.

The cattle pen at the Hewitt Station site is starting to come into view.

The cattle pen at the Hewitt Station site. In the early days the railroad would haul cattle that were grazed on Tonto Forest land. I'm not sure how much of this is original since the chute is not pointed in the right direction to line up with grade. I haven't found any photos from the early days at Hewitt. This is the stopping point for this segment at about milepost 19.2.

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