Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway

1892 Route

This view is looking back over the ravine that we crossed on the first page. The length of the trestle looks to have been 110 - 120 feet.

Continuing on to the northwest we head into a small cut and a few trees on the grade.

Along this stretch the view to the east opens up a bit and we find some nicely stacked rocks at the right side of the grade.

The rocks seem to outline what may have been a wagon road from the railhead down to the limestone kiln in the valley below.

The grade is fairly wide along this stretch with the possibility of a siding associated with the kiln.

Some more interesting rock work on the west side of the grade before heading into a cut.

This is our first rock cut on the hike so far and it is probably 500' or so.  Much of the material taken out of the cut was probably used for the bridge abutment coming up next.

After coming out of the cut we find ourselves confronted with a deep drop off. The opposing bridge approach is hidden by a tree on the other side. The forest road can be seen coming in from the right on the hillside across the ravine and then it rejoins the grade on the other side.  This trestle would have been about 350' long.

A couple of posts still remain on the southern end.

Since the road rejoins the grade we opt to head down the wash and back to the vehicle to continue this journey. This provides an opportunity to take a look at the limestone kiln just around the hill. The forest service has fenced it off since it is becoming very unstable these days.

Beyond the kiln up on the hill is the cut that we just passed through.

It looks like it gets mighty rough up in these parts! We found two of these guys in the wash downstream from the kiln.

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