Aerial Maps

I put together the maps below because of my interest in exploring some of the old railroad routes. I find these very useful in visualizing the grade and preparing for my explorations. I try to use as much reference material as I can when drawing the routes. Some have been drawn solely based upon what is visible in the aerials. Take them for what they are as some of the lines may not be entirely accurate. My main interest is Colorado NG and that is where I have the most reference material available.

Note that many of the maps have yellow or red square markers that may be clicked to bring up a photo or information about the location. Some of the maps have buttons at the bottom of the map to zoom into particular loactions along the route.


    Arizona & Swansea - SG
    Arizona Southern - SG
    AT&SF Johnson Canyon - SG
    Mohave and Milltown - NG
    Morenci Southern - NG
    Prescott & Eastern, Bradshaw Mountain Railway - SG
    Santa Fe Prescott and Phoenix Railway - SG
    Shannon AZ
    Southwest Forest Industries - SG
    United Verde and Pacific - NG


    Carson & Colorado - NG


    Baldwin Branch - DSP&P - NG
    Boston Coal & Fuel - NG
    Chili Line - NG
    Chris Mountain - NG
    Crystal River Railroad - NG
    Cumbres & Toltec - NG
    Cripple Creek - SG and NG
    D&RGW Third Division - NG
    Denver South Park and Pacific - NG
    La Veta Pass - SG and NG
    Lake City Branch - NG
    Leadville - SG and NG
    Narrow gauge circle - D&RGW and RGS - NG
    RGS Ames
    RGS Dolores - NG
    RGS Gallagher
    RGS Lizard Head
    RGS Ophir Loop
    RGS Rico - NG
    Silverton Railroad - NG
    Silverton Railroad, Red Mountain - NG


    Eureka & Palisade - NG


    Sumpter - NG


    Promontory Summit

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