Railfest 2006

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On wednesday the 24th of August I started my day by visiting #315 in the park just south of the D&S. The 315 is progressing very nicely and is in much better shape then when I first saw it. After visiting the 315 I went to the depot to pick up my tickets for the photographers special and the goose. My train wouldn't leave until after lunch so I spent some time wandering around the roundhouse. I was able to snap a few shots of 473 being turned on the turntable. After lunch we watched the train being prepared for boarding for our run.

The first photo stop was out on the high line. We were dropped off and then the train backed down to Rockwood. We then watched three different trains roll through. After all was clear our train came by for a runby and then we all boarded. A little further down the line we were let off at the high bridge for another runby.

At cascade we had more photo opportunities as a boxcar was set out and the train was turned for the return trip to Durango.

This is the type of night shot you get when you have no tripod and don't really know all of the settings on your new camera. Night shot

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