RGS Gallagher Trestles

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The map below provides links to various photos that I took while hiking the grade on June 4, 2005. Prior to starting the hike I stopped along highway 145 at the location marked by "Hill Shot". From here I tried to capture some shots down the ravine that would show where the 3 trestles were located. The hike was then started at the location marked by "Ties and Trees". I parked the truck alongside the highway and struggled up the steep hill to the grade. I then hiked south towards bridge 57A. The location marked "End of Grade" was explored on my return trip back up the grade. It was quite overcast on this day and I had encountered some light flakes and sprinkles along the highway. Fortunately the weather held out and the hike was pretty uneventful. I doubt that you will encounter anyone else along this section of the grade. I found it to be a very peacful and scenic hike. For those exploring this area and on up to Ophir I would highly recommend Volume IV of "The RGS Story". One could conceivably try to spot all of the wooden culverts marked on the map along this stretch. I found on still being put to good use while hiking near the bend. It is also interesting to try and line up your own shots with those taken 50+ years earlier. Copyright David Dye July 1, 2005.


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