1:24 K27 MODEL
Last Update: 

My K27 project is now progressing after a long delay.  The first pieces to be milled out are the left and right main frame.  The frame was cut out from solid brass and drilled and tapped for 00-90 fasteners 5/16/99.  The next step is to mill the front frame extensions.

The front top frame extensions are starting to take shape.  The bottom side has been milled and the top will require four cuts on the mill.  After the shape is finished each will require 12 holes drilled for the mounting bolts.  The holes on each end allow them to be bolted together so that they can be milled as a matched set.

The front top extensions will set on top of the main frame like this 6/6/99.

The upper front frame extensions are now complete and bolted into place with 00-90 fasteners 6/12/99.

The rear frame extensions have been machined and mounted with 00-90 fasteners 7/17/99.

Here is the first driver and axle assembly for the K27 8/22/99.  The driver center is a Precision Scale casting that was purchased and turned to size.  The axle was machined from a piece of cold rolled steel.  The tire was machined from a 2" diameter aluminum bar.  The object with the red ring is a ball bearing which is commonly used on high end radio controlled cars.  These bearings are 12 mm in diameter and have a 6 mm hole which works very well for this application.

The driver boxes have been machined and the ball bearings inserted 3/12/00.  Caps have been machined and installed to hold the driver boxes in place.  The driver boxes are free sliding in the frame but will probably have a small coil spring applied in the center on the top side.  The coil spring will be hidden by the non functional leaf springs that will be added soon.

All of the drivers and axles are now machined and installed.  The rear frame separator has been machined and the rear truck frame casting attached.  The rear truck box castings have been machined and attached to the frame using four 00-90 hex bolts. 8/28/00

The trailing truck axle and wheel set have been machined and mounted between the pedestal castings.  11/24/00