Last Update:  March 15, 1998

Here is an early shot of #375 during construction.  The engine is constructed mainly of brass with a little bit of aluminum to cut down on the weight.  The model features ball bearings and functional cams to operate the valve gear.  It is currently powered by a standard LGB motor but is in the process of getting a second motor to handle the grades on my line.

This is #375 as it appeared after completion in 1996.  It is my first scratch built locomotive and I was quite satisfied with the way it turned out.  I learned a lot during the building process and hopefully I will be able to apply that knowledge to my next project #463.

Rio Grande #375 pulling into Silverton on September 18,1996.

Here is my version of the Cumbres depot.  It was built from scratch using mostly redwood and cedar construction.  The walls are built up board by board on a plywood backing using silicone adhesive.  The doors and windows are from Grandt Line and Russ Simpson.  You can also see my Osier water tank in the background.