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Rio Grande
Car # City State Information Source Photo Link
54 Chama NM RPO, C&TSR, currently being restored   Photo
60 Golden CO RPO, D&RGW   Photo
64 Durango CO RPO, 1889 Grant Houston Photo
65 Chama NM RPO, C&TRR   Photo
66 Hermosa CO RPO, X66 at Hermosa Grant Houston Photo
105 Buena Park CA Former parlor car "Durango" James Fieffer
Herb Kelsey
Baggage, On a farm on the road to Great Sand Dunes, Earl tried to locate in recent years but could not find
Bill Fleisher
This car was at the Mail, Museum of Western Colorado in Grand Junstion but was offered and accepted by the Ridgway Railroad Museum in 2010. This car was on the list as 123 but the real identity is 118. The number was found over the door on both ends after removing several coats of paint. It had been used as a work car and was lettered 0118. This car was originally built as Business Car C and later became an RPO.
Bill Pratt
Grant Houston
119 Durango CO RPO Grant Houston Photo
120 Frisco CO RPO, Junktique Antique Store, 313 Main Street The Colorado
122 Fort Lupton CO RPO, Sold to Sumpter Valley Railroad for $4750 Grant Houston
Mike Trent
126 Durango CO Former baggage, 1883, converted to concession Grant Houston Photo
150 Silverton CO Silverton Northern baggage #5, former Rio Grande 150, under tarp Richard Bell Photo
163 Antonito CO This car was sold to a farmer near Hooper after being retired. It was acquired in 2015 by the C&TS as part of the historic car fleet and moved to Antonito. John Bush Photo
Monte Vista
In Don Shank's collection, where did this car come from?
Andy Dahm
168 Golden CO Baggage, body only   Photo
200 Teft CO Combine, partial body? Grant Houston  
211 Fort Lupton CO Combine, Sold to D&RGHF for $900 for use on Creede Branch, temporarily stored at Colorado Railcar Grant Houston
Jason Midyette
212 Durango CO Combine, "Teft", 1879, former coach 20 Grant Houston Photo
256 Antonito CO Coach, this car was at CRRM for many years but was traded to the C&TS for 3 SG flat car bodies in 2014. Grant Houston Photo
258 Teft CO Coach, anything left? Grant  
270 Durango CO Coach, "Pinkerton", 1880 Grant Houston Photo
280 Boulder CO Coach, D&RGW   Photo
284 Golden CO Coach, D&RGW   Photo
291 Durango CO Coach, "King Mine", 1881 Grant Houston Photo
292 Antonito CO Coach, last used as an Operator's Car Craig Kumler Photo
306 Flint MI Coach    
307 Golden CO Coach, body only   Photo
310 Buena Park CA Coach James Fieffer  
311 Durango CO Coach, "McPhee", 1881 Grant Houston Photo
312 Durango CO Coach, "Silverton", 1887 Grant Houston Photo
319 Durango CO Coach, "Needleton", 1882 Grant Houston Photo
320 Flint MI Coach    
323 Durango CO Coach, "Animas City", 1887 Grant Houston Photo
325 Buena Park CA Coach Herb Kelsey Photo
326 Buena Park CA Coach James Fieffer Photo
327 Durango CO Coach, "Durango", 1887 Grant Houston Photo
350 Durango CO Parlor car, "Alamosa", 1880 Cinders & Smoke Photo
351 Buena Park CA Calico, former parlor car "Chama" James Fieffer
Herb Kelsey
470 Antonito CO 0252 is being restored to the former tourist sleeper configuration and original car number. Craig Kumler Photo
566 Durango CO Concession, "Cascade Canyon", 1882,
former RPO 14
B-1 Alamosa CO Business Grant Houston Photo
B-2 Durango CO Business, "Cinco Animas", D&S, 1883   Photo
B-3 Durango CO Business, "Nomad", D&S, 1878   Photo
B-7 Durango CO Business, "Wlliam Jackson Palmer", 1880 Grant Houston Photo
B-8 Golden CO Business, D&RGW   Photo
Two baggage cars may be located near the highway west of Alamosa
Andrew Dahm
  Wendel CA Ogden or Cimarron, used as part of a residence, destroyed in 2000 NG&SLG  
? Delta County CO Old D&RGW business car, near us 50, painted barn red in the 70s, been there since 1900? Bob Richardson
Grant Houston

Denver & Rio Grande Western 1960s
Car # City State Gauge Information Source Photo Link
330 Durango CO NG Coach, "Cascade", 1963 Grant Houston Photo
331 Durango CO NG Coach, "Trimble", 1963 Grant Houston Photo
332 Durango CO NG Coach, "La Plata", 1964 Grant Houston Photo
333 Durango CO NG Coach, "Tacoma", 1964 Grant Houston Photo
334 Durango CO NG Coach, "Hermosa", 1964 Grant Houston Photo
335 Durango CO NG Coach, "Elk Park", 1964 Grant Houston Photo
336 Durango CO NG Coach, "Rockwood", 1964 Grant Houston  
337 Durango CO NG Coach, "San Juan", 1964 Grant Houston  

Durango & Silverton 1980s
Car # City State Gauge Information Source Photo Link
213 Durango CO NG Combine, "Home Ranch", 1983 Cinders & Smoke Photo
313 Durango CO NG Open observation, former 1002,1988 Cinders & Smoke Photo
Open observation

630 Durango CO NG Coach, "Hunt", 1984 Cinders & Smoke Photo
631 Durango CO NG Coach, "North Star", 1985 Cinders & Smoke  
632 Durango CO NG Coach, 1986 Cinders & Smoke Photo
Railbus RB-1


Durango & Silverton 2000s

Car # City State Gauge Information Source Photo Link
313 Durango CO NG Silver Vista reproduction
Cinders & Smoke

Rio Grande Southern
Car # City State Information Source Photo Link
150 Golden CO RPO, former D&RG RPO #55 Grant Houston  
252 Monte Vista
CO Was used as a cabin near trout lake, was still there about 5 years ago, moved to South Fork, former D&RG 261, was moved to the classic car museum in Durango. 2005 I found the car at the DRGHF storage yard in MonteVista Grant Houston Photo
254 Monte Vista
CO Coach, former D&RG 263, Vance Junction Depot, body only, was at CRRM until 2006, now with Don Shank's collection Grant Houston
Andy Dahm
256 Como CO Coach, former D&RG 266,
body only, residence in Dolores, CO for many years. Moved to Como, CO.
Grant Houston Photo
257 Durango CO Coach, "Bell", former D&RG 267, 1880 Grant Houston Photo
260 Flint MI Coach    
B-21 Golden CO Business car "RICO", former D&RGW mail car #4, #53   Photo
B-20 Buena Park CA Business car "EDNA", former Rio Grande special car "A" July/Aug 1990

Car # City State Information Source Photo
50 Golden CO Pullman Sleeper, former "Americano" Grant Houston Photo
51 Grand Junction CO Pullman Sleeper, former "Antonito", Museum of Western Colorado Grant Houston Photo

Florence & Cripple Creek
Car # City State Information Source Photo
Carson City
Coach, Nevada State RR Museum
Craig Kumler
Nevada City
Coach, Nevada County NG RR Museum
Craig Kumler
60 Antonito CO 1897 Combine   Photo
Grand Island
Coach, Stuhr Museum
Craig Kumler
Stuhr Site
Cold Springs
RPO, owner unknown
Craig Kumler

All photos by Dave Dye unless otherwise noted.