Last Update:  March 3, 2000

One of the wooden truss style bridges photographed during July of 91 on the Silverton branch.  As you can see there is a second wooden bridge to the right and a steel bridge to the left.

This photo of the bridge at milepost 477.85 was photographed by Richard Bell during the summer of 1999.  As you can see the black/green paint scheme is heavily weathered and there is quite a bit of rust.

The Hermosa Creek bridge photographed July 15, 1995.

This photo of the bridge near Arboles was taken September 3, 1995 on a drive along the grade from Durango to Chama.  This bridge spans the north leg of Navajo Reservoir on the way to Pagosa Junction.

This short steel plate girder is located east of Arboles on the way to Pagosa Junction.  The bridge is right next to the road and was photographed on September 3, 1995.

A photo of the steel bridge at Pagosa Junction taken on September 3, 1995.

A second steel bridge is located just east of Pagosa Junction.

I drove across the Navajo bridge on September 3, 1995.  You had to keep your tires on some planks otherwise it might be a rather rough ride.  I don't know if you can still drive across it as I heard that the road was being improved and would detour around the bridge.

This photo of one of the spans over the Chama River was taken September 16, 1996 on a nice sunny day in Chama.

The Lobato trestle on the way to Cumbres was photographed September 2, 1995.

This snowy shot of the trestle at Cumbres was photographed May 27, 1995.  Cumbres in May is always a treat, you never know how much snow will be left on the ground.

The low trestle out in the bogs of Los Pinos east of Cumbres 9/2/95.

This photo of the Cascade Creek trestle was taken on August 2, 1995 on the way to Osier.

This wooden trestle at Trout Creek along the old RGS right-of-way is looking pretty bad.  This is how it looked on September 13, 1996.

Last but not least is the hanging bridge in the Royal Gorge.  This photo was snapped September 19, 1993.